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Quality in Action benefits

The most important benefit associated with the use of QIA is its ability to assist management with a quick and timely client complaint recovery. Unlike other systems that would take day to analize QIA is immediate in its feedback, Furthermore it assists management in creating solid criteria as to how the compliance or non compliance is going to be measured. This criteria then is utilized as the spring board to:

Sending automatic sms to the chosen person/s thus recovering rapidly from any issue affecting the clients. This measurements will include the following:

A summary of emails is also sent to the person/s in charge of quality thus giving the company the opportunity of fixing a problem twice.

At a corporate level it looks at a comparison amongst same type of business within the organization thus assisting management with understanding why a business unit

The usage and mechanics of the application is under the total control of the staff member asking the questions, in other words it is not left to the client to answer fill up forms and or send emails it order to find out how the company is performing.

No wasted paper, no printing costs, no compiling of answers, no wasted time.

It allows to run a campaign on any area of the enterprise that might not be performing as it should.

Significantly cut response time of reports.