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The features associated with QIA are totally focused on the ability by  management to provide the customer with  service  in an effective, demonstrable,  and in particular to demonstrate the that the company  is committed to its clients.

Quality in Action Features

     Comparitive analysis between QIA - Online guest surveys and paper surveys
      This is based on the capabilites of the different systems to achieve tasks automatically and minimum staff intervention.
Benefits and effectiveness QIA - Quality in Action Online / E-Mail Paper surveys
Instant access to results ü û û
Able to view graph instantly ü û û
E-Mail advice on non criteria compliance ü ü û
SMS advice on non criteria compliance ü û û
Micro and Macro automatic reporting ü û û
Expert linear analysis of non service compliance ü û û
Client - staff service interaction ü û û
Corporation's global analysis on the meeting of service criteria ü û û
Able to run many different service campaigns a day ü û û
able to focus serveys on problem area until desired service criteria is acheived ü û û
Guest surveys prior to operational changes such as menus or refurbishments ü û û
Service audits for many areas of operations ü û û
User friendliness ü ü ü
Constantly upgradable and able to meet future requiremants ü ü ü
Immediate feedback to management and departments ü û û
Month to date and Year to date reports ü ü û
Ease of changes and design ü ü ü
Ease of management ü ü û
24/7 hosting/help avoiding down time and loss of data ü ü û
    QIA - Making service Quality simple, Effective and Acheivable