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Quality in action has been designed to be effective, and to allow the end user to choose the service that best suits both their budget and the type of service delivery

Corporate and business unit level:

1. QIA Silver:

This is the entry level for QIA, the questions and surveys are sent daily to different parts of the world and analysed immediately by the business unit. A detailed report is compiled over night and batch sent to all hotels and head office. The questions are randomly picked but always the same questions will be sent daily to the units. Thus allowing HO to compare services throughout the company.


This level of services is designed for those who would like extra questions available in their surveys as well as the departments the company would like to survey. This means that against, having the same generic questions every day, the company will have a extra number of questions as well as the ability to choose the departments. It is recommended that notwithstanding the departments chosen the questions and departments should be the same through out the company.


This being the highest level of service Platinum as well as both of above services it also includes the ability to have a number of departments running at once, compare departmental services daily, get report summaries once week. I also gives the company the ability to create their own questionnaires and surveys.